A gamified mental health curriculum that kids and caregivers love.

Master methods for teaching mental resilience to kids through the Compass for Courage immersive workshop and game kit.

“I learned more about anxiety and interventions [through COMPASS Training] than I did in my entire Masters program.”

– School Counselor from Chandler, AZ.

The research-based mental health intervention you were looking for.

Jillian*, an elementary school Counselor from Chandler, had a problem.

She needed resources to help the increasing number of kids who came to her with anxiety related issues.

*”Jillian” is a pseudonym for a real COMPASS for Courage user

It shouldn’t be hard to buy better mental health interventions for kids.

Jillian spend HOURS trying to find an evidence based tool for preventing anxiety and came up dry.

Whatever she found was too expensive, time intensive, and seemed impossible to even BUY.

That’s why we made COMPASS for Courage easy to purchase.

Jillian finally came across COMPASS, quickly got approval for purchasing by her school’s principal, and recommended the solution to 4 other counselors that she knew.

They were all excited to see what they’d learn at the mental health provider training.

Evidence based provider training that works

At the training, Jillian and the 4 counselors she brought were blown away by the potency of the information taught, and how easy it was to absorb and apply.

They loved how the training focused
on the fundamentals of anxiety and the building blocks of evidence based interventions.


Fundamental 1: What anxiety is and how it's caused

We discuss the true nature of anxiety, how it manifests in brain activity, and what individual activities and social determinants cause anxiety.


Fundamental 2: What anxiety does and how it works

Then, we dive into anxiety’s effects on the brain and body systems, and how overtime it can change how we react to stimuli on a neurological level.


Fundamental 3: How to overcome anxiety problems

After a healthy background on the workings of anxiety, we delve into mental resilience tactics that enable people to avoid the affects of anxiety gone untreated.


Fundamental 4: How to prevent anxiety disorders

Finally, we take it these tactics a step further. We discuss and demonstrate how you can teach tactics to prevent their anxiety from reaching disorder status.

They found it so insightful that halfway through the workshop, one of Jillian’s friends said:

“I learned more about anxiety and interventions than I did in my entire Masters program!”

It was time that they apply all of the knowledge they acquired in the workshop.

But they were wondering… how will the kids receive this intervention? Will it even work?

An intervention kit that empowers kids to take control of their mental health

Using COMPASS for Courage, kids have fun learning mental resiliency tactics that prevent anxiety.

Mental resilience tools. Gamified.

Jillian and her colleagues noticed that the variety of colorful games in the COMPASS Intervention drew the kids in, and the social nature of the games kept them engaged and building good relationships with each other.

Always know the next steps.

The program guidebook kept the providers on track, while the training and assessment tool helped them keep a close eye on their progress through the program.

The kids were so engaged, they even started teaching themselves!

One fourth grader in the Thatcher School District returned to their classroom ready to teach the COMPASS skill for the week to the entire class after a single lesson – and that’s what ended up happening.

Jillian and her collegues were shocked. They never thought that kids would react so enthusiastically to a mental health intervention.

However, their favorite part of COMPASS was when the kids started to talk about their experience.

The students immediately started to apply skills from COMPASS in their day to day lives and started seeing immediate positive results!

“COMPASS helped me so that I can go to school and play with my friends without worrying.”

4th grader

“I use all of the COMPASS tools, but I use SWAP a lot when I have bad thoughts and I over think them. It helps me solve my problems.”

4th grader

“My favorite part about COMPASS was learning that the more I do things that make me nervous, the less nervous I get.”

5th grader

Jillian had finally found the perfect mental health intervention for her school.

She joined the group of 50+ counselors, private practice therapists, and other mental health care providers that have found a better way to prevent and treat Anxiety in kids.

Mental health providers agree – COMPASS Works

“COMPASS for Courage is just what we needed.”

Lead School Psychologist, CA

“We’re really empowered by COMPASS. It works wonders with these kids!”

Student Services Director,AZ

“I learned more about anxiety and interventions [through COMPASS] than I did in my entire Masters program.”

School Counselor, AZ

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When you buy COMPASS, you’re paying for a holistic intervention that includes all you need to equip children with the mental tools to prevent anxiety: 

COMPASS Provider Training

In this 5 hour workshop, you’ll receive full instruction by one of our certified trainers in the following topics:

  • Mental health intervention pillars
  • A deep dive into how anxiety and other preventable mental illnesses work
  • Practical tips for teaching kids how to manage anxiety. 

COMPASS Intervention Kit

Your kit has all the tools you’ll need to apply what you learn in the workshop:

  • 6 different mental resiliency-building games that empower kids to take control of their mental health
  • A program guidebook that walks you through the whole process. Always know the next step.
  • An access code to our training and assessment tool so you can keep improving overtime.