Multi Talented, Singularly Committed to Helping Children Overcome Anxiety.

Ryan Stoll, PHD

Co-Creator and Co-Founder of COMPASS.

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Ryan holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology (focused on youth mental health and anxiety), serves as a Prevention Scientist at The Courage Lab at Arizona State University. On the side, he’s a Social Impact Strategist that helps other impact driven companies expand and improve. He started COMPASS for Courage for three main reasons:

  1. Growing up with significant anxiety problems, he deeply understands the silent suffering that youth experience when anxiety goes unaddressed. It prevents kids from many essential parts of life e.g., facing fears, making friends, achieving goals, and being a kid. His mission behind COMPASS is to ensure that every child or teen has access to effective resources to help them overcome their anxiety so they don’t have to experience what he did.
  2. The last 50 years of psychological research has produced countless evidence-based interventions for the treatment and prevention of anxiety problems in youth; yet only 1 in 5 anxious youth will receive ANY help and even fewer will receive effective, evidence-based care. There’s a great need for an accessible, fun, evidence based anxiety prevention solution.
  3. What if we didn’t wait? What if we didn’t wait to help children until they were already suffering from chronic anxiety? What if we didn’t wait until the pain caused by chronic anxiety is not only felt by youth, but also their loved ones? What if we didn’t wait to address the problem of chronic anxiety until its already a problem? We need to focus on prevention. Anxious youth do not need to become anxious adults.

Bhavna Gupta


Bhavna is a curriculum designer, teacher, and community facilitator. She’s a true educator and finds fulfillment in teaching all different age groups. As a corporate trainer, she led project management trainings for corporations such as Salt River Project (SRP), Transport Security Administration (TSA), Institute of Supply Management (ISM), and Shutterfly.

She’s also very involved in the community. Bhavna channels the power of human connection and inner transformation to provide a healing space, wether its in a project management training, a guided meditation, a women’s circle, or when she tutors students in science and math.

Bhavna’s primary goal has always been to make sure that her students stay open to the experience of life as she inspires them to reach their full potential.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Armando Pina

COMPASS for Courage co-creator, lead scientific advisor, and developmental psychologist

Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University, Principal of The Courage Lab, and Director of ASU’s Certificate in Applied Prevention Science

Dr. Kevin Gary

Digital health technology and scientific advisor

Associate Professor in Software Engineering at ASU’s School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, 20+ years industry experience in Health IT

Dr. Nancy Gonzales

Scientific advisor, prevention scientist, clinical psychologist

Dean of Natural Sciences at Arizona State University, Professor in the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University, Co-Director of ASU’s Research and Education Advancing Children’s Health (REACH) Institute

Community Advisory Board

Dr. Shari Dukes

Director of Student Support Services

Susan Cadenas

K12 Prevention Coordinator

Jeff Boles

Executive Director, Creighton Community Foundation

Marci Schutrum

School Psychologist

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