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Gamified social-emotional learning program to teach kids proven anxiety-management skills in schools, private practice, or at home.

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1 in 5 Youth Battle Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal emotion. At its best it protects and motivates us and is usually temporary. But some children and teens battle with high anxiety, worries, and fears that don’t go away and often prevent them from achieving their goals, succeeding in school, making friends, and facing their fears.

This is a major problem that we made our mission to address.

High Anxiety Needs Early Intervention

Without early and effective intervention, anxious youth often have more school absences and nurse visits, poorer grades and test scores, are more likely to be bullied and drop-out than non-anxious youth, and are at a high risk for developing other emotional or behavioral problems later in life including depression, self-harm, and substance abuse.

Introducing COMPASS for Courage

A Proven Solution For Youth Anxiety

COMPASS For Courage is an evidence-based social-emotional learning program to teach kids (ages 8 to 13) proven anxiety-management skills at in schools, private practice, or at home. 

Created by a Team with Passion for Designing Impactful Mental Health Solutions

We’ve experienced first-hand the effects of un-treated anxiety, and we’re now on a mission to give kids the mental resiliency tools that we had when we were younger.

Built From Discoveries in Clinical Research

COMPASS for Courage emerged from clinical research conducted by psychology researchers at Arizona State University, Florida International University, and Yale University, spanning more than 30 years. 

at the [1-year] follow-up, youth in COMPASS reported greater self-efficacy for managing anxiety-provoking situations, greater social skills, and fewer negative cognitive errors relative to controls.

[COMPASS]…achieved the intended goals of creating an efficient and attractive intervention for schools.

From Streamlined Prevention and Early Intervention for Pediatric Anxiety Disorders: A Randomized Controlled Trial by Pina, Gonzales, Mazza, Gunn, Holly, Stoll et al. (2020) and published in Prevention Science.

COMPASS Helps Youth Overcome Anxiety Through Games

COMPASS for Courage is uses a gamified approach to help youth who are experiencing high anxiety learn proven and practical skills to thrive now and in the future. COMPASS is centered around helping kids master their:




Social Skills



You can learn more about the science behind the COMPASS skills at


Developed by leading psychology researchers at Arizona State University, COMPASS for Courage packs over 30 years of cognitive-behavioral science into a brief, proven, and powerful curriculum that has been subjected to randomized control evaluation. 

True Prevention:

COMPASS for Courage was designed as a true prevention solution, helping youth who are experiencing anxiety now so they are less likely to develop more serious problems, or even disorders in the future. 

Easy to Use:

COMPASS for Courage features six brief lessons that require minimal preparation time, follow a simple guidebook, and , with our games, are easy to use. Plus, all COMPASS school staff and COMPASS parents are taught and certified by child anxiety experts in brief and dynamic webinar workshops.

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Our Philosophy on Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal human emotion – it’s all about how you manage it. We’ve drawn upon wisdom from ancient philosophers and research from modern scientists to form a unique perspective on anxiety and how it relates to the human condition.

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